Mager & Associates

    is a boutique public policy, legislative and advocacy strategy consulting firm
    representing a broad range of health, medical device, corporate, and nonprofit clients.

Maze-DotNavigating the maze of the legislative process, public policy entanglements, and federal regulations is no child’s play. Connecting the dots and achieving success require the highest level of policy expertise, analytic acumen, and strategic know-how. ┬áMager & Associates bridges divides, crosses aisles, and artfully executes unique, innovative, and creative solutions to complex problems.

We are passionate and principled advocates. We strive to open doors, advance policy opportunities or beat back unwelcome legislative or regulatory developments on behalf of our clients. Often sought out when traditional Washington strategies have failed, Mager & Associates delivers winning results for its diverse set of clients.

We pride ourselves on perceiving linkages, bridges, and common ground where others see only the irreconcilable or the unalterable. What does this mean for our clients? It means making connections that matter… and achieving tangible and meaningful results.